5 Ways to Add Square Feet to Your Life... Without Packing a Box



You have a community you don’t want to leave. Your kids love their school and their friends.

You don’t want to mess with your commute to work. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Right?


But….you say, an extra 200-500 square feet would be SOOO GREAT!


We get it! People grow out of their spaces all the time. Families grow, guests come to stay, teenagers need their domain, your tastes change. Maybe you never needed a home office before, and now you started a home business, or just crave a quiet, private work space.


There are ways to renovate to add square feet, and not have to leave behind all you love about your home and community.


Here are five ways we help our clients expand their living space:


1. Finish the basement. This is always a great option, and increases resale value. A finished basement opens up invitations for house guests, keeps toy chaos out of the main living areas, and can be the perfect home theatre winter reprieve. In Alberta, the average cost for finishing a full basement hovers between 40,000 and 60,000, depending on what level of finishes you pick and the size of your space. James Bond marathon, here we come!


2. Build an addition. Whether you decide to bump out or build up, there are a few things to consider and talk over with your contractor before you build an addition. Bylaws and zoning will play a part in your home addition decisions. Some neighbourhoods have height restrictions on structures and they have to be within a certain distance from the property line. Find out what your property boundaries are, or have a contractor plan an addition that will comply with the rules of your property.


3. Level your rooms. It was once popular to separate rooms with steps down or up into the next. Though it doesn’t add much square footage, levelling out the floor and using consistent flooring throughout will actually make your home feel bigger, more spacious and modern.


4. Say goodbye to walls. Gone are the days of “front rooms” (thank goodness!) with their tea trays, pristine cream couches and vacuum-scuffed carpets, waiting for the tread of the next honoured guest. We have seen a cultural shift to minimalist mindset; homeowners are rethinking how they want to live in their homes, how they want to entertain. Don’t be afraid to take down some non-essential walls and ditch the dining room. Extend that kitchen island and give your guests room to hang out where they really want to be: With you!


5. Extend outdoor living space. Whatever you can dream up for your outdoor space is truly possible these days. Extend your deck and spill out into your yard for the summer, or add a sunroom or terrarium to increase indoor space during the winter months. If you’re pining for an all-season room, make sure your windows are triple pane to keep the heat in in winter and out in summer. Want to expand your deck? Go with a composite decking material (like our favourite, TimberTech!) to reduce maintenance and achieve the look of real wood. When we Edmontonians only have a few short months of summer, we have to make them count!


The reasons to increase square footage in your home are endless and personal. Maybe the best part of adding square feet is getting the best of both worlds: more room to live and no need to pack up and move!


Wondering what potential your home has for additional square footage? Call us and find out!