The Diamond Company Culture

Well, if you want to know the real reason we all show up for work at Diamond, it’s for the FREE coffee.

Ha! Kidding!

Companies of the world are setting the bar high these days when it comes to exercising company culture. We may not have nap rooms, gourmet meals served three times a day, or get perks if we buy an electric car, but we do try to create something special at Diamond.

Adventure is important to us, and keeping a fun and energetic company culture is up there on the priority list at Diamond; after all, it is the stable home base from which we inspire our clients and perform our best work!

So, how do we keep the Diamond family happy and exercise company culture?

  • Every three months, we plan a team building outing. In the past we have gone paintballing, axe throwing, and found ourselves in very confined spaces at escape rooms. (At Escape City, the winning team didn’t only win, but we discovered another secret room when Phil fell through a wardrobe!)


  • In the summer months, the crew plays Slo-Pitch together with significant others. Look for us: we are called the “Bow Down Pitches!” And everyone around here has a nick name, of course! Quiz: Who is Eagle Eye?


  • Every year we say adios to summer-with a company BBQ, and every year at Christmas time, we sign up to be “Elves” for the Holiday Hamper program and get together to deliver presents and Christmas dinner supplies to families. Very fun!


  • None of us are too keen to lock up too early at the end of the work week. The crew can often be found in the “Shop” sharing stories and having a Friday beer.


  • We are diligent when it comes to hiring the people who are going to fit best with our team. Of course, we look for the basics (skills, accreditations and work ethic), but most of the time, hobbies and interests outside of work trump experience.


So, why does all this matter?


Strong company culture builds trust. Each one of us is treated like an owner at Diamond, and we take on a project like we have everything to lose. No matter our trade, each one of us is accountable to the client, corresponds with the client, has knowledge to share with the client, and knows what is going on beyond our own job on a work site. We feel trusted to make the right decisions.

Having a bond and friendship established outside of work also keeps us accountable to each other, too, where we can banter and razz each other, but also give honest feedback and room to grow and learn.

At the end of a project, the true reward is not getting paid (although that is nice!), but rather talking with a happy client, seeing a job well done (and maybe getting a little recognition on social media or in a magazine, wink, wink). 

Bonding outside of the work environment turns colleagues into friends and helps us translate Diamond core values from paper to real life, and when all is good at home (that is, the office), we can go out into the world and do our best work!

How does company culture play out in your life? We want to know your story!