What is the process for signing a contract with Diamond Contracting?

We will always come see your site before anything (budget, design, or timeline) is discussed. Diamond Contracting will first see your site & take any measurements we need. From there, we will draft your project & estimate the cost. Next, we will have a budget meeting with you to discuss. If you require any changes, we will make them. Once you have approved the design, we sign a contract and begin your renovation!

Why do I need to pay drawings/drafting services?

In order to give you the most accurate pricing & ensure that your renovation vision will become a reality, we require technical drawings. If you have current drawings of your home/renovation space, we can use these for estimates with a reduced or waived fee. We DO NOT estimate without some form of drawing.

What can I expect from the Diamond Contracting team?

Diamond Contracting is dedicated to providing all our clients with the very best. We are committed to completing all of our jobs within the timeline discussed when your contract is signed, and doing so in a professional and expert manner. Our team is trustworthy and knowledgeable. Each member of Diamond Contracting is extremely skilled and will bring your renovation to completion expertly.

How does it work with outside trades?

As General Contractors, we do sub-contract some trades for your renovation. The sub-contracted companies we use have all been working with us for several years, and we vouch for their professionalism. You will meet the tradespeople coming into your home prior to the renovation starting, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Who helps with designing my renovation?

Diamond Contracting is proudly partnered with Revolving Rooms Interior Design. Depending on the size of your job, you may receive up to 6 hours complementary design time with one of their designers. Revolving Rooms can also be subcontracted to your job as well, should you require more time.

Visit Revolving Rooms Website: Here